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The Years Without Christmas: Puritans Against the Holiday in Colonial New England

The Puritans who first colonized Massachusetts were Christians with a different interpretation of the proper practice of their religion. They were radical in the eyes of the established Anglican church of England in the 1600’s, and so were persecuted. Wanting to worship according to their Bible-based beliefs, they came to America to start a community that would be built solely on the Bible they loved. They called it “a city on a hill,” which is a Biblical reference to a parable Jesus told

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Mayflower Passengers: Not All Were There for Religious Reasons

Though the Pilgrims (a separate group from the Puritans who came just after them) were all about establishing a religious community in the New World, they were forced to take on non-religious passengers to pay for the voyage. This was something they agreed to only very reluctantly, as they did not want their community corrupted. The elders of the church, who had led England some years previously to set up a community in the much more religiously accommodating Leyden, Holland,

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